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Good Governance Forum: Introduction

What We Do

Our mission is to improve governance in Pakistan. We do research on key issues, compile our findings, make recommendations and send them to the competent authority for action. If they don't take action, we approach the Supreme Court for taking up the issue with the competent authority, wherever needed. We also initiate actions for suo motu notice from the Supreme Court or the High Court of the relevant province. You can view our petitions at

We create blogs on specific issues and regularly post news, articles and reports on them to spread the message across the globe. We have several blogs on key issues and all of them receive visitors from around the world in large numbers.  These blogs also help researchers, columnists, talk show participants to update themselves on major issues.  You can see the list of blogs on

We circulate news, articles and reports among our members belonging to the various segments of our society. To avoid irritating spam, we circulate specific info to specific groups according to their field of interest. You can find our groups on We receive info from 100+ sources from around the world including media, news agencies, think tanks, foundations, philanthropists, UN Foundation, United Nations etc.

We make press releases in and out of Pakistan on important issues. Off and on, our interviews are published in the print media or broadcast on the electronic media. We generally avoid being on the media and focus on our core functions.

We write comments on news, articles and reports published in the media in and out of Pakistan. You can find our comments in the largest Washington-based newspaper on

We debate issues on social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We have our Good Governance Forum group and page on social media.

We attend seminars, workshops, discussion forums as guest speakers or delegates. Good Governance Forum was probably the only civil society organization in Pakistan to be invited to the MDG Summit at General Assembly in New York in June 2010.

We maintain CM Punjab blog for general public. Its Over 200,000 people have so far visited the blog. All the complaints are directly forwarded to the Chief Minister Office and almost every genuine complaint receives redressal.

We regularly interact with the parliamentarians, civil society activists, civil and military officers, judges, diplomats, scholars, NGOs and media.

Who Finance Us

We have maintained integrity, honesty and sincerity of purpose in the past 6 years since we started our work in March 2007. We do not seek or accept funds from government, political parties, and special interest groups to maintain our independence, dignity and impartiality. We operate with funds from our advertisers, individual donors and members as well as our diversed marketing services for individuals and organizations.

Who Support Us

Patrons, Advisors, Contributors and Members

Patrons:                         Individuals who donate Rs 500,000 per year.

Advisors:                      Individuals who donate Rs 100,000 per year.

Contributors:               Individuals who donate Rs   50,000 per year.

Full Members:             Individuals who register as full members pay Rs 5,000 per year.

Associate Members:  Individuals who register as associate members pay membership fee of Rs. 1000 per year or equivalent amount in US dollars. Associate members are entitled to only (1), (2) and (3) of the membership privileges listed below.

Organizational Members: NGOs, charities and trusts who register as organizational members pay Rs 10,000 per year. Other organizations pay Rs 50,000 per year.

Note: Individuals and Organizations can pay membership fee in full or half-yearly divided into two parts, subject to the prior approval of the Good Governance Forum.

View membership procedure and privileges at our blog or email us.

Advisory Committees and Goodwill Ambassadors

Good Governance Forum has formed Central Advisory Committees and Provincial Advisory Committees on major national issues to help improve working of the government from the district to the federal levels and to help solve people's problems at all levels in the country.
Good Governance Forum has appointed Goodwill Ambassadors within and outside  Pakistan from amongst well-known personalities to promote the forum and its mission and help solve people’s problems through their network. Overseas Pakistanis are encouraged to join as our Goodwill Ambassadors for looking after the interests of the overseas Pakistanis living in their countries.

Details can be viewed at and

Our Specialized Services

We provide a variety of services against a modest fee to

(a) facilitate fundraising by NGOs
(b) post jobs on our blogs
(c) post write-ups on our blogs
(d) circulate news, articles and reports in our network of members and associates
(e) promote blogs of individuals and organizations
(f) provide Ad Box on our blogs for advertisements
(g)support causes of individuals and organizations

Details can be obtained by emailing to us.

Good Governance Forum
Leading the Way to the Challenge of Change in Pakistan